Have You Taken the Savings Pledge?

Have you taken the Savings Pledge yet? If you haven’t, now is the time to do so!  You can either take the pledge on our righthand sidebar or on our Facebook page.

We have pledged to save $200 each week towards our:
– Dream fund (taking the family on vacation to Hawaii)
– Future fund (saving money for our kids’ college education)
– Giving fund (we’d like to teach our kids how giving back helps others)
– Rainy day fund (to have a fund for the unexpected expenses that come along in life)

We plan to accomplish this by:
– Smarter purchasing
– Using coupons and offers
– Scaling back or downsizing on the things we purchase to those we truly need versus just want
– Taking advantage of seasonal, one-day, or exclusive sales
– Using an automatic savings plan
– Looking at all areas of our lives to see where we can spend less and stretch our budget further

When you sign up for the Savings Pledge, you can customize it to your own goals.

By signing up for the Savings Pledge, you pledge to:
– Always be smart, never cheap. (The best deal saves as much time as it does money.)
– Buy better. (Look for quality, not quantity. Quality lasts.)
– Have fun, be curious. (Explore! Always be on the lookout for new ways to save.)
– Spend fearlessly. (Always do your research, then don’t be afraid to splurge.)
– Pass along the savings. (Take pride in your savings skills and share the knowledge.)
– Love yourself, ignore the Joneses. (Resist trends – you know what’s best for you.)

The key is to take baby steps. That’s why this Savings Pledge is so wonderful because it breaks it down into a weekly goal for you. When you calculate that weekly goal into what you will save annually, you’ll see that reaching that dream goal is more doable than you think.

Make sure to continue following us as we share tips on how to accomplish your weekly goal and using the resources at Savings.com to reach your goals!  Our goal for the Savings Pledge is $5,000,000 (the figure is based on yearly pledge data).  We’re almost there, so be sure to take the pledge and be part of the smart savers!

Visit Savings.com and get more savings!

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