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Our savings story started over a decade ago when we got married. A couple of years later, we had our first child, then a year after that had a second child, then a year after that, had a third child, and then two years after that, had a fourth child. So, we had four children within five years. After our third child was born, we decided that it would be best for our family to have one of us stay at home with the kids, so we went from a two-income to a one-income family.

We’ve both always loved finding good deals and saving money, but were not very consistent when it came to doing it and couponing. Once we had our fourth child and realized that regular expenses were continuing to grow, we started couponing and deal-seeking regularly and found that we were saving a lot of money on our purchases. We also started sharing our savings techniques with friends and family, who started doing it also and loved saving money for themselves and their families.

We started A Savings WOW! to be able to share deals with our friends, family, and you! It is dedicated to helping you enjoy your life without breaking the bank by providing money-saving resources such as classes, coupons, deals, freebies, giveaways, and reviews. After you use the tools we give you, people will say to you “What a savings! WOW!” after you tell them how much you paid versus how much it should have been.

Our biggest enjoyment is finding great deals to entertain our kids. We especially enjoy taking them to free activities around the area and also getting free meals for them. It can be quite a cost savings for a family of six! We’ve also seen how our kids watching us be more conscious of our shopping decisions. They now understand that you can get more out of their money by looking for deals and using coupons. We hope that they will carry it with them so that they can become smart shoppers in the future.

Right now, Maria is at the Savings.com SaveUp event in New York City with our fellow DealPros. We invite you to read our fellow DealPros savings stories and see how there are many reasons why people start living a more frugal lifestyle!

Also at 2:15 PM this afternoon, there will be livestreaming from SaveUp where you will see a live couponing class, savings stories from the DealPros, and some Q&A. Plus, if you RSVP for the event, you will be entered to win an iPad from Savings.com!

Don’t forget to take the Savings Pledge if you haven’t done so yet and learn the smart way to control your spending and afford the things you want!

Be sure to check out our Savings.com database to find the online and offline deals that you want. You can also sign up for FREE at Savings.com to stay up-to-date with the newest deals and coupons available on Savings.com.

RSVP for the SaveUp live streaming event for your chance to win an iPad!

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