Free Kindle Books on 1/31

If you like to read, there’s nothing better than getting books for FREE!  Here are just some of the free Kindle downloads you can get from  Thanks to The Coupon Girl for compiling this list!

As with any products on, be sure to get these right away if you like them as the prices could change at any time. If you bought all these books outright it would cost a lot so get them for FREE while you can!


  1. How To Shop For Free: How To Shop Smart And Look Sexy While Saving Up To 100% On Everything You Love (Living Frugal And Fabulous Series) by Jenn Brennan


  1. 100 Time Savers: Cut 10 Minutes a Day from Your Schedule to Gain 60 Hours of Free Time Per Year by Robert Plank
  2. Craft Business Heroes – 30 Creative Entrepreneurs Share The Secrets Of Their Success by Alison McNicol
  3. Get Your Time (and Life!) Back – How to Be Super Productive, Save Time, Stop Procrastination, Manage Your Schedule, and Get More Things Done! by Justin Byers
  4. How To Be A Great Professional Services Firm by Tom Peters


  1. 2000 Division Facts 0-12 Electronic Flashcards (A Modern Workbook to Master Arithmetic) by Larry Crawford
  2. Little Red Riding Hood by Bertram Boo
  3. Reading Power! Phonics Families (short a sounds) by Joy Diane


  1. Czech Cooking (Czech Cooking Soups and Goulash) by Jana Mladek
  2. Dessert Before Dinner: Life is Too Short for Dieting by Lorenzo Swank
  3. How to make homemade candy – The Most Delicious Chocolate candy Recipes by Samie Lacene
  4. How To Make a Perfect Bread Every Time You Try -Kitchen Wonders Vol. 1. by Amy Brown
  5. My Interview with Eco Raw Chef Bryan Au by Glenda Thomas
  6. A Taste of Funny by Marjorie Dorfman

DIY & How To Books

  1. Alkaline Diet Loseweight Naturally by Mark Dempsey
  2. Cat Training: How To Train A Cat With Ease (Cat Training – A Guide To Cat Training With Cat Behaviour Demystified, Training And Advices To Take Care Of Your Cat For Happy Cat Training!) by Stephanie Dawson
  3. Come On, Get Happy by Ratha Tep
  4. Herbal Health Care: How to Take Care of Yourself and Your Family Naturally by Kathy Burns-Millyard
  5. How to Dance the Tango – The Ultimate Edition – Limited Time Offer
  6. How To Potty Train A Puppy by Jay Ullrich
  7. How To Produce 15-25 Pounds Of Tomatoes PER PLANT by Tommy Smith
  8. Recession Survival Guide: How To Get Back Into the Driver’s Seat by Cathy Harris
  9. Recycled Crafts: Making Paper Beads by Lynn Mitchell
  10. What Would You Do With This Room? My 10 Foolproof Commandments to Great Interior Design by Mark Lewison

Faith Based

  1. Michael Belmont and the Tomb of Anubis (The Adventures of Michael Belmont) by Ethan Russell Erway
  2. Practical Daily Devotions by C, L. Griffin


  1. Fatal Mistake (A Gabby de Sales Novel) by CB Lovejoy
  2. Last Flight Home by Robert J. Wetherall
  3. Love Letters and Children’s Drawings by Norah Hanson


  1. Anansi Island by Christian Cantrell
  2. Hercule and the Doctor by Christopher ‘Ruz’ Hayes-Kossmann
  3. A Knight in the City by Nick Hadl
  4. Omicron (Aristotle Project) by Patrick Reinken
  5. The Solstice Treaty by David Belltower


  1. Donovan’s Angel (The Donovans of the Delta) by Peggy Webb
  2. Lucky in Love by Carolyn Brown

Young Adult

  1. The Gathering (Aeternus Schemata) by R. Scott Whitley
  2. Grace and the Drawl (The Grace Trilogy) by Dale Cusack
  3. Replay (YA Paranormal) by Keira Lea
  4. Sacred Bloodlines (The Guardians) by Wendy Owens
  5. TEEN Agents in The Plundered Parent Protocol by Josh Unruh

These books are for the Kindle only so if you don’t have a Kindle be sure to download the correct Kindle version for your reading pleasure. Kindle is available on the following platforms: PCAndroid,Blackberry or iPhone or iPad.

Some of these free Kindle book downloads require you to be an Amazon Prime member. You can sign up for a free 30-day trial membership or purchase an annual membership for $79.

Check if any of the other Kindle freebies are still available.

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Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. Please see our disclosure policy for more information.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. Please see our disclosure policy for more information.


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