Why We Would WOW! at the Reviewer’s Retreat Conference

You might be thinking, “What a strange title for a post.” Well, we are applying for a Presidential Scholarship for the upcoming Reviewer’s Retreat 2012 and we have to make the best case for why we should be chosen to attend the conference.

1) First of all, we are so happy to be part of the Double Duty Divas (who are hosting the Reviewer’s Retreat).

2) We do not know all we should know about SEO and the FTC guidelines. We want to make sure that our site is in compliance with the current guidelines. Attending the “Graduate Studies: Advanced SEO and FTC… WTF??” session would definitely enlighten and educate us on those topics.

3) As our site includes reviews, we want to make sure that we are doing them correctly and featuring products that are helpful and valuable to our readers. We’d love to kick it up a notch by learning in the session, “Graduate: Featuring Products in Video” how to incorporate more videos in our reviews.

3) Because this is our self-made business, it would be wonderful if it could be profitable. The session, “Graduate: Beyond Reviews-Ambassadorships & Paid Gigs” will give us the ability to expand our services and to keep the website running.

4) We LOVE meeting other bloggers and getting to know them, both personally and professionally. The Reviewer’s Retreat will no doubt attract some fabulous bloggers and we would be honored to be in their presence! We would love to contribute and learn from the “Round Table Discussions.” It’s always interesting learning about different perspectives on different topics.

5) It’s at the Great Wolf Lodge in North Carolina… need we say more? We’ll have fun on the water slides during the down time (with or without our kids)!

6) Why we would WOW! at the Reviewer’s Retreat – we will do the running man or some other ’80’s dance for you if we’re selected!

We’re just happy to be considered for the Presidential Scholarship for the Reviewer’s Retreat. Join in on the #RevRet12 Twitter party tomorrow night, Wednesday, February 29th at 8 PM CST to find out if we’re selected for the Presidential Scholarship (and please cross your fingers and toes for us).

(Image Credit: Reviewer’s Retreat)

Find out more about the Reviewer’s Retreat (and maybe register for the conference if you are a blogger)!

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