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So you blew your budget last year. Well, it’s 2014 – your chance for a fresh start and to stick to your budget again in the new year.

Favado, your friendly neighborhood grocery savings mobile app from, can help you do just that.

Personalized just for you, the Favado money-saving app will help you keep your resolution to save on groceries this year with step-by-step weekly goals from the best money-saving brains in the business. It’s the solution to keeping your 2014 resolution!

About the Favado App:

We’ll be talking mostly about the little habits you can change while shopping that can make a big difference in your grocery spending…such as not buying the magazines off the rack at the checkout, writing a grocery list and sticking to it while shopping, as well as checking unit prices and sale expiration dates.

Favado Helps by…allowing you to have a shopping list in the palm of your hand that you won’t forget at home!

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$50 Visa Gift Card

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  1. Paula Michele Hafner says

    I like the Price Comparisons for Best Deals at Your Local Stores. That’s so much better than trying to search online or go from store to store.

  2. Susan Christy says

    You can “personalize” to see just the deals and coupons on products you like…by brand or by product type.

  3. Colin Glendon says

    The fact that I wont ever forget my shopping list again is highly appealing, since I forget it pretty much every time.

  4. Cameron Anderson says

    I like that the app compares several stores within the same application. Most apps are sponsored by a specific store so they don’t compare between stores requiring you to have multiple apps

  5. Heather Swarthout says

    Anything about it is awesome! The fact that it can help me save money while I’m grocery shopping is definitely key.

  6. Linda Lansford says

    My fav is Favado is a mobile savings app that helps shoppers stop overspending by notifying them when their favorite items are on sale

  7. Suzanne K says

    I like the Price Comparisons for Best Deals at Your Local Stores – anything to make savings money on groceries easier!

  8. April V. says

    The price comparisons! That way you don’t have to drive around everywhere or compare their sales circulars side by side.

  9. Jill Myrick says

    I like that I can search for exactly what I am looking to save on and it will help me find the best price in my area.


  10. Jenny says

    My favorite feature is being able to save a lot of money by comparing prices at different local stores. This would work great for my family.

  11. says

    I like that they will show you the ‘secret sales’. I don’t like it that it isn’t on the Kindle Fire, the only device I have. I also wish it was on the computer. That would be nice as well.

  12. CJ Godfrey says

    My favorite feature of the Favado app is that I can get Complete Sale Details, including Sale Prices & Available Coupons that Reveal the Deepest Discounts.

  13. Elizabeth Owens says

    I love that it will help me save me money by letting me know when something I want to buy goes on sale!

  14. Tamar says

    I like that it notifies you about sales. I really like how pinterest does that too so I can imagine its benefits for stuff I’d buy all the time.

  15. Bryan E. says

    Favorite feature —> the Favado app allows you to easily compile a Shopping List with Available Coupons for your specific geographical area; also it has Sharing Options.

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