Welcome FOX Good Day Chicago Viewers! ~ Back to School Shopping Savings Tips

Thanks for tuning in to watch me on FOX’s Good Day Chicago this morning. I truly enjoyed speaking with Melody Mendez about the different ways you can save money on buying your back to school supplies! Watch the video of the full segment here:

Here are some ways to save money on your back to school shopping:

Take inventory of what you have. If your kids are like mine, they probably came home with some extra unused supplies at the end of last school year. You may have also grabbed an extra supply or two over the years. You can always turn something old into something new just by getting creative. Using decorative Duct Tape and washi tape are easy ways to turn something into a work of art. Even drawing with Sharpies can make something look interesting.

Download the free Favado app.  Sign up for the Favado app here and download it on your smartphone.  This is the best time and money saver because you are able to find the best deals at many stores, including ones for back to school, like Office Depot/Office Max, Staples, Target, Walmart, and more. Use the search feature to find what you still need – you can search by product (ex: crayons, pens, index cards) or by brand (ex: Crayola, Bic, Sharpie). You can even create your shopping list right on the app.


Start early. Even if your kids have already started school, now is still the best time to shop for back to school supplies. Stock up for when they start running out of supplies during the year because at that point, it will cost 2-3 times as much as it does right now. You can find many supplies on sale for $1 or less.

Use rewards programs. My favorite rewards program is the Shop Your Way Rewards program for Sears and Kmart because you can earn points on your purchases to use towards future purchases. You can use it to buy clothes and other school supplies. The Children’s Place also has a free rewards program called My Place Rewards where you can earn points from your purchases towards certificates to be used on future purchases. Let’s face it – every little bit helps!


Use printable and online coupons. Using sites like Savings.com to search for coupon codes before you shop will help you save even more money. Right now, Savings.com is the only one that has Crayola coupons available. You can print them out here:

Printable grocery coupons powered by Savings.com

Printable grocery coupons powered by Savings.com

While you’re here, check out our store matchups before you head out to do your shopping:

Store Matchups

What are some other tips you have to help us save money on back to school supplies?

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