Coupon Preview 7/31/16

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Coupon Preview (6)

Check out the coupons that will be in Sunday’s newspaper. There is one (1) SmartSource, (1) RedPlum and (1) Proctor & Gamble scheduled coupon inserts.


Alberto V05 $.50/1 oil, salon series shampoo, conditioner or styling product dnd (9/4)
Alberto V05 $.50/2 shampoos or conditioners 12.5-26.5oz or body washes 15oz dnd (9/4)
Alberto V05 $.50/2 solutions shampoos or conditioners 11oz dnd (9/4)
Apple & Eve $1.50/2 juice box 8pks (10/31)
Baush+Lomb $2/1 soothe lubricant eye drops (9/30)
Betty Crocker $1.50/2 decorating items (9/30) (2 coupons)
Bio-Oil $2/1 product (10/2)
Biotrue $2/1 contact lens solution 10oz+ (9/30)
Biotrue $4/1 contact lens solution twin pack (9/30)
Buddig $.75/1 original or premium deli item 8oz+ (11/30)
Buddig $1/5 2oz original packages (11/30)
Cascadian Farm $1/2 granola bars, protein bars or soft-baked oatmeal squares (9/24)
Clorox $2.50/1 toilet wand starter kit excludes refills (8/31)
Cottonelle $.50/1 flushable cleansing cloths 42ct+ (9/10)
Cottonelle $.50/1 toilet paper 6+ rolls (9/100
Depend $2/1 package 8ct+ (8/27)
Depend $2/1 real fit or silhouette products 8ct+ (8/27)
Depend $2/1 shields, guards for men or bed protectors 8ct+ (8/27)
Efferdent $2/1 78ct+ (9/30)
Energizer $.75/1 batteries or flashlight (8/27)
Energizer $1.25/1 ecoadvanced, ultimate lithium, advanced lithium, recharge power plus or recharge universal batteries aa/aaa 4pk+ (8/27)
Energizer $1.50/1 ez turn & lock hearing aid batteries (8/27)
Ensure $2/2 multipacks (9/25)
Five Star $1/2 products including student planning (9/30)
Five Star $2/1 binder including flex and sewn zipper binder products (9/30)
Five Star $2/2 new reinforced filer paper and reinforced printer paper products (9/30)
Glade $1/2 plugins scented oil twin or triple refill, wax melt 6ct refills (excludes warmer) or automatic spray refills (9/10)
Glade $1/2 plugins scented oil warmers (9/10)
Glade $2/1 wax melt warmer (9/10)
Glade $3/1 automatic spray starter kit (9/10)
Kerasal $3/1 intensive foot repair (9/18)
Kerasal $4/1 fungal nail renewal (9/18)
Kleenex $.50/3 5ct+ boxes or 1 bundle pack facial tissue ets (9/10)
Kleenex/Viva/Cottonelle/Scott $1/2 kleenex facial tissue 4pk+, viva paper towels 8pk+, cottonelle bath tissue 9pk+, scott bath tissue 15pk+ or cottonelle moist wipes 42ct+ ets (8/27) TARGET COUPON
Kleenex/Viva/Cottonelle/Scott $3/4 kleenex facial tissue 4pk+, viva paper towels 8pk+, cottonelle bath tissue 9pk+, scott bath tissue 15pk+ or cottonelle moist wipes 42ct+ ets (8/27) TARGET COUPON
Lance $1/2 sandwich cracker 8oz+ dnd (9/10)
Lysol $.50/1 disinfectant spray 12.5oz (9/20)
Lysol $.50/2 disinfectant wipes 35ct+ (9/20)
Lysol $.50/2 toilet bowl cleaners 24floz+ (9/20)
Lysol $1/1 no-touch hand soap system or refill (9/20)
Meow Mix $.55/1 brushing bites treats (9/25)
Meow Mix $1/1 bistro recipes cat food 3lbs+ (9/25)
Meow Mix $1/4 wet cups or 1 variety pack (9/25)
Mr. Sketch $1/1 4ct+ product (9/24)
Mr. Sketch $1/1 crayons 6ct+ (9/24)
MyCharge $5/1 product (9/30)
Nutella $1.50/1 hazelnut 13oz+ jar or mini cups 10ct package (9/25)
Oikos $1/3 single serve cups or drinks, 1 4pk or 1 quart (9/30)
Paper Mate $.55/1 pen or pencil pack 2ct+ (9/24)
Paper Mate $.75/1 inkjoy 2ct+ (9/24)
PeroxiClear $2/1 12oz+ (9/30)
PeroxiClear $4/1 twin pack (9/30)
Poise $2/1 impressa bladder supports sizing kit or size 1, 2 or 3 6ct+ (8/27)
Poise $2/1 pads or liners excluding 14-26ct liners and 10ct pads (8/27)
Rave $.50/1 hairspray 7oz+ ets dnd (9/4)
Revlon $1/2 haircolor products (9/4)
Revlon $2/1 luxurious buttercream product (9/4)
Rubbermaid $1/1 beverage product (9/18)
Rubbermaid $1/1 food storage container excluding takealongs (9/18)
Scott $.65/1 towels 6+ rolls (8/28)
Scott $.75/1 bath tissue 8+ rolls (8/28)
Scott $1/1 tube-free bath tissue 9+ rolls (8/28)
Scott Naturals $.75/1 flushable cleansing cloths (8/28)
Sharpie $1/1 clear view highlighter pack 2ct+ (10/8)
Skippy $.75/2 products (9/26)
Snyder’s of Hanover $1/2 pretzels 7oz+ dnd (9/10)
Tyson $1.50/1 chicken strips or any’tizers product (9/4)
Tyson $2.50/2 chicken strips or any’tizers products (10/2)
Viva $.75/1 regular or vantage paper towels 6pk+ (9/11)
Wet n Wild $1/1 max mascara (8/13)
Wet n Wild $1/2 products (8/13)
Wet n Wild $2/1 1 step wondergel nail color (8/13)
Zantac $3/1 duo fusion 20ct+ or regular zantac product 24ct+ (8/31)
Zantac $6/1 duo fusion 34ct+ or regular zantac product 50ct+ (8/7)
Zest $1/1 fruitboost shower gel or body scrub dnd (9/10)
Zest/Coast $1/1 body wash or bar soap 3pk+ dnd (9/10)


ACT $1/1 product ets dnd (9/17)
Allegra $10/1 24hr 70ct or gelcaps 24hr 60ct (8/6)
Allegra $3/1 d or children’s product (9/17)
Allegra $4/1 24h4 24ct+ (8/27)
Aspercreme/Icy Hot $2/1 lidocaine product excludes 1.75oz (9/30)
Cetaphil $2/1 product excluding trial, single bars and baby (9/11)
Cetaphil $4/2 8oz or 16oz facial cleanser, moisturizing lotion or 25ct cloth (9/11)
Cortizone 10 $1/1 product 1oz+ (9/17)
Duracell $.50/1 rechargeable batteries, charger or hearing aid batteries 6pk+ excludes 1ct and trial (8/27)
Duracell $1/1 coppertop aa or aaa 8pk, c4, d4 or 9v2+ or quantum aa or aaa 6pk, c3, d3 or 9v2+ ets (8/27)
Garnier $2/1 olia oil-powered haircolor (8/27)
Garnier $5/2 olia oil-powered haircolor (8/27)
Gold Bond $1.50/1 neck & chest, dark spot, strength & resilience 13oz, rough & bumpy, eczema relief, diabetics’ dry skin relief or lotion 13oz+ excludes hand creams (8/28)
Gold Bond $1/1 product excluding 1oz (9/17)
Gold Bonds $1/1 cream or lotion 2oz+ (8/28)
Icy Hot $6/1 smartrelief pain therapy kit excludes refill kit (9/30)
Icy Hot/Aspercreme/Capzasin/Arthritis Hot/Flexall/Sportscreme $2/1 product excluding 1ct patch and 1.75oz lidocaine product (9/17)
L’Oreal $2/1 advanced haircare shampoo or conditioner excludes 1.7oz and 3oz (8/13)
L’Oreal $2/1 advanced haircare treatment product (8/13)
L’Oreal $2/1 advanced hairstyle product excludes 1.7oz and 3oz (8/13)
L’Oreal $2/1 everstrong, oleotherapy, everpure, evercurl, eversleek or evercreme shampoo, conditioner or treatment products (8/27)
L’Oreal $2/1 paris cosmetic face product excluding magic perfecting base .17floz mini size (8/27)
Nasacort $10/1 allergy 24hr 2×120 multi-pack spray (8/7)
Nasacort $2/1 product (9/17)
Nature’s Truth $1/1 aromatherapy products (9/3)
Nexium 24HR $1/1 package (9/25)
Nexium 24HR $4/1 28ct or 42ct package (8/14)
Polident $1.50/1 denture cleanser tablets 84ct+ (8/31)
Purina Alpo $1.25/8 wet dog food cans or 1 12ct variety pack (10/31)
Purina Alpo $1/1 4ln+ dry dog food bag (10/31)
Purina Alpo B5G1 free 4.5oz tbonz dog treats up to $1 (9/30)
Purina Chow $3/1 15.5lb+ dog or puppy chow bag (10/30)
Purina Chow $3/1 3.8lb+ natural dog or puppy chow bag (10/31)
Purina DentaLife $1/2 dental treats for cats (10/1)
Purina DentaLife $2/1 17oz+ daily oral care dog treats (10/1)
Purina DentaLife B1G1 free daily oral care dog treats 7.8oz up to $4.29 (9/30)
Purina Fancy Feast $1/1 gourmet dry cat food (10/31)
Purina Fancy Feast $1/10 broths complement (10/31)
Purina Fancy Feast $1/10 medleys cans (10/31)
Purina Fancy Feast $1/4 2oz purely wet cat food trays (10/31)
Purina Tidy Cats $2/1 clumping cat litter (10/31)
Rolaids $3/2 bottles 60ct+ or 12oz+ (9/17)
Super Poligrip $1/1 product 2oz+ (8/31)
Unisom $1/1 product (9/17)

Proctor & Gamble:

These expire 8/27/16:
Align $3/1 product
Always $2/1 discreet incontinence liner or pad
Always $2/1 discreet underwear
Bounty $.25/1 napkins product
Bounty $.25/1 product excludes single rolls and napkins
Charmin $.25/1 product
Covergirl $1/1 product excludes accessories
Covergirl $3/2 products excludes accessories
Febreze $1/1 product
Febreze $1/1 unstopables product excludes in-wash scent booster
Gillette $3/1 razor or disposable 2ct+ excludes sensor2 2ct
Metamucil $2/1 appetitie control product
Metamucil $2/1 product excludes meta health bar 1ct size
Mr. Clean $.50/1 magic eraser excludes 1ct
Mr. Clean $.75/1 liquid product
Olay $1/1 facial moisturizer or facial cleanser
Olay $1/1 total effects facial moisturizer excludes eyes
Olay $2/1 pro-x, regenerist or luminous facial moisturizer or eyes product
Pepto-Bismol $.50/1 product
Puffs $.25/1 product excludes single puffs to go
Swiffer $.50/1 refill, solution or dust & shine excludes steamboost starter kits and refills (8/27)
Swiffer $1.50/2 refills, solutions or dust & shines excludes steamboost starter kits and refills (8/27)
Venus/Daisy $3/1 venus razor or venus/daisy disposable 2ct+ excludes daisy2 2ct
Vicks $1/1 product excludes sinex, vapodrops and zzzquil
Vicks $3/2 products excludes vapodrops and zzzquil
ZzzQuil $1/1 product

These expire 8/31/16:
Always $.50/1 pads 12ct+, liners 30ct+ or feminine wipes product excludes discreet
Always $1.50/2 pads 12ct+, liners 30ct+ or feminine wipes product excludes discreet
Always $3/3 pads 12ct+, liners 30ct+ or feminine wipes product excludes discreet
Clairol $2/1 hair color excludes age defy
Clairol $5/2 hair color excludes age defy, balsam, textures & tones
Crest $.50/1 kids toothpaste 4.2oz+ or pro-health jr mouthwash 458ml+
Crest $1.25/1 mouthwash 237ml 8oz+ excludes pro-health jr
Crest $1.25/1 twin toothpaste pack 3oz+ excludes cavity, regular, baking soda, tartar control and kids
Crest $2/1 toothpaste 3oz+ excludes cavity, regular, baking soda, tartar control and kids
Crest $5/1 3d white glamourous white, 1hr express, professional effects, flexfit, gentle routine or monthly touch up whitestrips
Downy/Unstopables/Bounce/Dreft/Gain $.50/1 downy product including fresh protect, unstopables fabric care product, bounce sheets including bursts, dreft blissfuls or gain fireworks excludes downy libre enjuague, liquid 12 load and dryer sheets 25ct or smaller
Gain $2/1 detergent excludes fabric enhancer, fireworks and flings
Gillette $1/1 anti-perspirant/deodorant 2.6oz+ excludes clinical
Head & Shoulders $3/2 full size products 380ml/12.8oz+ excludes all treatments
Luvs $2/1 diapers ets
Olay Buy body wash, get $2 off bar soap 4ct+
Old Spice $1/1 antiperspirant/deodorant, body wash or bar soap
Old Spice $1/1 shampoo or 2-in-1 styling product
Oral-B $.50/1 pro-health stages, pro-health jr or kids manual or power toothbrush
Oral-B $1.25/2 adult manual toothbrushes excludes healthy-clean, pulsar, stages, pro-health jr or kids
Oral-B $1.50/1 pulsar toothbrush
Oral-B $2/1 adult battery toothbrush
Oral-B $3/1 replacement brush heads 3ct+
Pampers $.50/1 wipes 56ct+
Pampers $3/2 bags or 1 box diapers or pants
Pantene $1.50/1 styler or treatment product
Pantene $1/1 3 minute miracle deep conditioner or expert product
Pantene $2/2 products must include shampoo and conditioner or styler excludes 6.7oz
Pantene $5/3 products must include shampoo and conditioner or styler excludes 6.7oz
Prilosec OTC $5/1 product 28ct+
Secret $1/1 outlast, scent expressions or destinations anti-perspirant/deodorant or body spray 2.6oz+
Secret/Gillette $2/1 clinical 1.6oz+
Tampax $2/2 pearl or radiant tampons 16ct+
Tide $2/1 detergent excludes pods, simply clean & fresh, simply clean & sensitive and 10 oz
Tide/Gain $2/1 pods or flings excludes 5ct

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