How Lunchables Can Help Save the Day & Offer

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Having a household of tweens and teens that are constantly on-the-go, we are always looking for convenient, quick snacks and meals. That’s why we love Lunchables. Each of our kids has different favorites, which include:

Chicken Dunks

Pizza with Pepperoni

Turkey and Cheddar

Nachos Cheese Dip and Salsa

Why do I love Lunchables as a mom?
– It’s a great grab-and-go option
– They are individually packaged, so it’s easy to stick into a lunch bag, cooler, or school bag (even in a purse on the days when I’m busy and need a quick snack)
– They are affordable, so it’s easy to keep a variety on hand available for my kids to choose from
– There are some combinations I wouldn’t have thought to put together myself and it allows my kids to try something different
– When the kids are home over the summer and are constantly eating, it’s a snack that’s convenient to have – if they had to prepare the different Lunchable combinations themselves from scratch, it would cost a lot more with a lot more mess
– When my kids were little, we would bring Lunchables to the park, on field trips, and on playdates
– When we travel, Lunchables are great for road trips or tying them over at the airport on plane trips

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