2015 Raging Waves Waterpark Ambassadors Social Media Toolkit



Congratulations on being selected as a 2015 Raging Waves Waterpark Ambassador! By applying and accepting the ambassadorship, you’ve committed to:
– Attending an Ambassador welcome event.
– Visiting Raging Waves Waterpark at least once per month from June through August 2015. You will tickets for you and your immediate family.
– Writing one blog post per month in June, July, and August 2015 based on your experiences there.
– Co-hosting one Twitter party or Facebook chat in July or August 2015.

Here are Raging Waves Waterpark’s social media channels:

Please use the hashtag #EndlessSummer for posts. Do not forget to include the proper disclosures since you are being given complimentary admission tickets (and meal tickets for some events).

We encourage you to take photos and videos during your visits and use them in your social media and blog posts.


Story Ideas:
– The Australia Theme (the park is loosely Aussie themed):
—– The Three Sisters (their 3 tube slides that are intertwined) is named after a rock formation in Australia.
—– Great Barrier Reef
—– Platypus Plunge

– Stage acts:
—– Jim Nesci (coldbloodedcreatures.com)
—– Mr. D’s Magic Show
—– Chicago Boyz Acrobatic Team
—– Magic by Randy
—– More TBA

– Safety:
—– Lifeguards always “scanning”
—– Ongoing inservice/training for lifeguards
—– Availability of lifeguards
—– Why are there height restrictions on slides? (Determined by slide manufacturers)

– Special Events:
—– Mom’s Day (moms free on 6/14)
—– Dad’s Day (dads free on 6/21)
—– Youth Group Day
—– Back to School Day

– What makes up a water slide
—– Fiberglass is about $1,000 a foot
—– About 70% of the cost of a waterslide is underground

– How did Raging Waves come to exist?
—– 20 year vision
—– Why Yorkville?
—– Why the Australian theme?

– Food
—– New “Surfside Subs”

– Subs, wraps, salads
—– Crazy stats
—– 35,000+ lbs of popcorn chicken sold in 90 days
—– 27,000 hot dogs

– Staff
—– We turn from a 10-person staff during the winter to a 500+ staff during the summer


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