Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament Social Media Toolkit


Thank you for joining us for the Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament Blogger event.

Here are Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament – Chicago’s social media channels:

Please use the hashtag #MedievalTimesChi for posts. Don’t forget to include a disclosure also since you were provided tickets to attend the event.

We encourage you to take photos throughout the event and use them in your social media and blog posts.


Check out the current press information here.

Find out more information about:
About the show
Information about bringing groups to Medieval Times
How to receive free admission on your birthday
Join the King’s Court
Special events and contests
Chivalry in action
Partners in education

Here’s one of the current Medieval Times TV ads:


Post ideas:
– Things to see and do in the Chicago area
– Fun date night ideas
– Family entertainment
– Education programs available – check out the “Partners in education” link
– Giving back/charitable work – Check out the “Chivalry in action” link
– Summer camp outings


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