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When I started blogging almost 4 years ago, I didn’t realize that there was this world called “the blogosphere.” I started blogging to share money-saving tips with those that attended the classes I was teaching on how to save money using coupons, finding deals, and being smart shoppers. Never in a million years did I think that the blog would take off and blast me into the blogosphere at full force.

The biggest thing that surprised me is the sheer number of bloggers out there that blog about a variety of topics. I had no idea that there were conferences and events just for bloggers, but once I started attending them, I was hooked. I was able to learn things that helped me to improve as a blogger, but more importantly, I met some wonderful people, most of whom have become great friends to me and my husband, Jim, and our kids.

Why am I writing about this? Last week, Jim and I headed down to Florida with our family for the 2013 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. We decided to extend our stay and enjoy Disney World after the conference. While in Florida, Jim suffered a stroke the day before we were supposed to head home. Being in Florida with just the kids when all of this happened, without our family around, was not the ideal situation. When I posted a request on my personal Facebook page for prayers to be sent to Jim, I was truly overwhelmed at the response. I’m still overwhelmed as there are so many people who have shared this request and contacted me about how they can help our family. Some of these people are bloggers that we’ve met only once before in real life but have had conversations with online.  Some of these bloggers have never even met us in real life and still want to help.

We have so many people to thank for their well-wishes and offers to help – too many to name. Just some of the ones that have shared our journey are:

Melanie of My Joy My World has been a rock for us and her post really touched our hearts.  (Full disclosure: Melanie is my cousin and is like a sister to me.) Margie and Mike of My Springfield Mommy had dinner with us the night before it happened and when they heard the news, shared it with the other Disney Social Media Moms so they could send prayers our way. MJ of Chicagonista also shared our journey with our Chicago Social Media Moms group so they could send their prayers our way. Maricris of Zensible Mama reached out to Leanne of Disney World and Maria of BSM Media to let them know since they are in Florida. She also encouraged others to send prayers our way.

The biggest thing I want to point out is the compassionate side of these bloggers, and so many other bloggers in the various groups that we are involved in, that took time out of their lives to check on us to see how we’re doing or post an uplifting message on our Facebook pages. We’re so blessed and grateful to have all of these people in our lives and to be in the blogosphere with them.

The next time you read about any catfighting or negative experiences between bloggers, I want you to remember that most bloggers have a compassionate side that can help lift us all up and be positive examples in our blogging communities. They are there for those of us in our time of need, ready to lend a hand. It’s just amazing to me how powerful it can be when we all work together instead of tearing each other down. There is room for all of us in Cyberspace and we just all have to remember that.

For all of you out there who have sent us messages, called or texted, Tweeted, emailed, posted on Facebook, etc., you will never know how much all of that has meant to us. It gives us hope, strength, and inspiration as we go through this medical crisis.  Even though I may not be able to respond to each of you directly, please know that I am reading all of the messages and telling Jim about them.

As we go through Jim’s road to recovery, it gives us peace of mind to know that we have this support group.  He’s not out of the woods yet and the doctors are monitoring his progress every day.  We appreciate your continued support on our site and your positive thoughts!

– Maria

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