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We are participating in the Blogorama Bonanza through September 22nd.

Enter our giveaway for $100 gift certificate:

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  1. Melissa Robinson-Arezzi says

    Whoops lined up wrong and gave entry on blogged about it but I didn’t blog. Was trying to say I signed up. Is there anyway to delete that entry?

  2. Kristie Betts says

    King Fish, that really the only place that we like they have, which it’s good cause that we’re my husband and I ate after our wedding we didn’t have reception. Thanks for the chance

  3. Shannon Thompson says

    Fuji Yama Sushi Bar & Thai Cuisine

    this is me and my husbands fav sushi restaurant so excited to see it on the list …

  4. Rebecca says

    U guys don’t want much do you? By the time i did all of this I could ghave saved a $100 doing something else more productive with my time which I knew I was getting a $100. Just sayn….

    • ASavingsWOW! says

      Thank you for your feedback. There is only one required action to be entered to win. The rest of the other actions are optional for bonus entries for the giveaway.

  5. Angela Rhodes Krause says

    There’s a bunch of restaurants I like, but I would go with Mario’s Pizza or Original Italian (both in Owego, NY)

  6. Tiffany U says

    Well if its a night out with the family we would go to Rosattis or Gameworks but if it was date night with the hubby we would go to Chicago Prime Steakhouse or Yue Sun for Japanese food.

  7. Kristen M says

    I have no idea what happened with that earlier comment – it submitted before I was finished! I like BFS in my area.

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