Today’s Inspired Leader, Volume III

I am honored to be a contributing author in Today’s Inspired Leader, Volume III among some truly inspiring authors. In the book, I share my experiences in leadership and how it has impacted my life and the community around me. I also share some tips for those who may be considering taking on leadership roles. Each of the other authors also share their stories to provide inspiration to others.

About the book series:
Spun with inspiration, priceless wisdom, and humor, the Today’s Inspired Leader book is a collection of stories that depicts men and women at their best—achieving success, learning from failures, and finding the path to a life of significance within their work, families, and communities.

By sharing the rich tapestry of their experiences within their personal and professional worlds, each leader opens our minds to possibilities within our own lives, and where we can journey if we let vision, grit, and faith lead the way.

You can purchase a copy of the Today’s Inspired Leader, Volume III on Amazon.

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