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We’re a happily married couple with four kids, busy lives, and ever-growing expenses, so we try to save money on the purchases we make and the things that we do in our everyday lives. We started A Savings WOW! to share our experiences, savings tips, and most importantly, our passion for helping others save money, too!

A Savings WOW! is dedicated to helping you enjoy your life without breaking the bank by providing money-saving resources such as classes, coupons, deals, freebies, giveaways, and reviews. After you use the tools we give you, people will say to you “What a savings! WOW!” after you tell them how much you paid versus how much it should have been.

We hope you enjoy the information we share with you and we encourage you to give us your feedback and share your savings stories with us. You can use the “Contact Us” page to ask your questions, give suggestions, share a deals, tell us about a great shopping trip you had, or just to say “hello!”

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